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Corrosion & Cosasco monitoring

Corrosion & Cosasco monitoring

Cosasco skilled field technicians are trained and certified to only the highest standards to provide an unsurpassed quality of service. We offer a complete range of services from installation and retrieval of corrosion monitoring devices to corrosion/erosion data analysis. Cosasco will make every effort to provide you with the most efficient and affordable products and services with safety and quality as a number one priority. All work carried out is done ensuring services are performed with safety as the most important factor of the operation. When services are concluded a final report and recommendations are verified and issued. All services rendered and data collected are entered into a database for future reference.


Services Include:

  • Hot Tapping of new Access Fittings
  • Online retrieval and servicing of corrosion monitoring and chemical injection devices
  • Access Fitting Re-facing
  • Servicing of both mechanical and hydraulic systems
  • Corrosion coupon & corrosion/erosion data analysis
  • Side-stream corrosion rate analysis & chemical optimization
  • Well Testing & Erosion Studies


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